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May 31, 2016

Request for Proposal


Date Issued: May 31, 2016

Date Due: June 15, 2016


Contact: Vicky McGonigle

CAO Village of Longview

P.O. Box 147

Longview AB, T0L 2A0



The Village of Longview invites you to submit a proposal to provide office cleaning services. The Village office is a confidential environment and Administration requires a responsible, accountable and professional cleaning service.


Part 1: Term of Engagement

The contract will be in effect for a six (6) month period, commencing at or around the time of awarding to the successful proponent. In addition to the initial contract, the Village reserves the right to extend the contract for a period of up to six (6) additional months (twelve months total). Prior to the expiration of the original agreement, the Village and the successful service provider will, at the Village’s discretion, negotiate the terms of the extension. Should both parties mutually agree to the terms of the extension then the Village and the service provider will formalize and execute the contract extension. Should the parties fail to reach agreement before 60 days from the end of the original term, the Village retains the right to not extend the contract. The Village of Longview reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time on sixty (60) days written notice.


Part 2: Approximate Timelines The approximate proposal, award and implementation timelines are as follows:

Close of RFP June 15, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

Contract Award June 17;

Commencement of Service Provision June 23, 2016.


Part 3: Scope of Services: To provide office cleaning services to the Village of Longview. This will specifically involve

Weekly cleaning of the Village Office, including


  1. vacuuming, dusting,
  2. sanitize washroom, sanitize front counter, wash front and back entryways and stairs,
  3. Dusting will include all office, office desks, office equipment and telephones
  4. clean kitchen and appliances as may be necessary from time to time,
  5. maintain weekly cleaning record, for review by CAO
  6. empty and clean all garbage containers weekly



Part 4Terms and Conditions (General) General:  Quotations may be withdrawn at any time prior to the closing date by written request to the CAO. Costs quoted will be in Canadian dollars. Costs quoted will be firm and unchangeable after the time and date of the bid closure. Pricing will be guaranteed for a period of at least six months. All prices quoted shall be exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax. There is no expressed or implied obligation for the Village of Longview to reimburse responding vendors for any expenses incurred in the preparation of proposals in response to this Request for Proposal.

The Village reserves the right to review and alter any contractual arrangement put forth by the successful proponent. Proposals shall be submitted to the Village of Longview Administrative Office, 128 Morrison Road, Longview, AB, T0L 1H0, by 4:00 pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) on June 15, 2016. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the vendor of the terms and conditions contained in the Request for Proposal.

The Village reserves the right to withdraw, at its discretion and at any time, this Request for Proposal. The Village will not be held liable for any expenses, costs, loss or damage incurred or suffered by any Proponent as a result of such withdrawal. The Village reserves the right, without prejudice, to reject any or all proposals.


Accuracy, Confidentiality and Release of Information All information contained in this document with respect to operations, qualities, quantities, values, description of properties, losses, etc., are reasonably and realistically accurate to the best of the Village’s knowledge, however, is not guaranteed by the Village. It is each vendor’s responsibility to obtain and verify to the best of their ability the information required to respond accurately to this RFP. All proposals submitted to the Village become the property of the Village in their entirety. Quotations and the information contained within will be held in confidence as much as is reasonably possible and subject to the disclosure provisions contained in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Any information or knowledge gained or obtained by the Vendor as a result of this process will be maintained in confidentiality and will not be sold, distributed or in any way used for profit.


Negotiation and Termination of Contract To a reasonable degree, the Village reserves the right to negotiate the final contract with the successful vendor outside of the defined scope of services indicated in the RFP. At any time and at the sole discretion of the Village, the Village reserves the right to terminate any and/or all services provided by the successful vendor should the services provided be deemed to be unsatisfactory. In this event, the Village will provide written notice to the vendor of the unsatisfactory condition and if the vendor does not remedy the unsatisfactory condition within 30 days of the date of written notice, the Village will terminate the service on 30 days written notice.


Conflict of Interest All vendors are required to disclose to the Village any direct or potential conflict of interest in their RFP submission. The disclosure will detail the nature and degree of the direct or potential conflict. The Village reserves the right to reject a proposal and/or to cancel the award of contract if, in the Village’s sole opinion, any interest disclosed from any source could give the appearance of a conflict of interest or cause speculation as to the objectivity of the awarding of the contract.


Part 5 – Terms and Conditions (Special), Instructions to Bidders General

Notwithstanding the information contained in this Proposal Package, it is your sole responsibility to: Ø

Review and become familiar with this Request for Proposal Package and any associated documents Investigate the operations, facilities and determine work conditions, and potential problems and difficulties Ø

Determine costs, equipment needs, personnel needs and product requirements. Prior to the submission of proposals, each vendor shall satisfy themselves that they are fully conversant with the requirements and any other conditions which may affect the execution of the contract.


Account Management The successful proponent will not change or replace its assigned service provider for this agreement without written notice to the Village. The service provider appointed to the Village’s account must be fully qualified and experienced to the Village’s satisfaction. As the working relationship between the Service Provider and the Village’s finance team is of the utmost importance, the successful bidder will replace the Service Provider on the Village’s request if necessary.


Vendor Qualifications/Mandatory Requirements In order to qualify for consideration, proponents must meet the following mandatory requirements:

  • No conflict of interest with regard to any other work performed for the Village.
  • Mandatory Requirements -one page indicating the following:
  • confirmation that there is no conflict of interest with regards to any other work performed by the proponent for the Village of Longview
  • address/location and contact information
  • Fees – provide a summary of services and fees
  • Project Team – provide a list of the key members of the team that would be assigned to provide the services, including name, location, qualifications, related experience, role/involvement
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May 16, 2016

Council Agenda May 24, 2016



    In the Province of Alberta, held on Tuesday, May 24, 2016, in

    Longview Village Council Chambers Commencing at 7:00 p

  2. 1.Call To Order; Mayor MacLeod
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Correspondence from Residents

3.1         G. Teicherob

  • Public Discussion
  • Delegations

A request to attend a Council meeting or have a topic discussed at a Council meeting must be received by the Village of Longview administration no later than 3:00 p.m. on a business day at least five (5) days immediately preceding the meeting at which it is to be presented.

5.1          Longview Economic Development Committee

5.2         Sun Country Highway EV Chargers

  • Minutes of Prior Meetings:

6.1         March 29, 2016

6.2         April 19, 2016

6.3         April 21, 2016

6.4         May 9, 2016

7.0         Reports:

7.1         CAO

7.2         Peace Officer Report

7.3         Council Reports

8.0         Financial

8.1         Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable Listing, Statement of Revenues and Expenses

9.0         Business

9.1         Proposed 5 year infrastructure plan

9.2         Twin Cities Water/Sanitary Cost Estimates

9.3         Longview Fire hall paving proposal

9.4         FCM Fire Appeal

9.5         Everbridge Policy and next steps

9.6         Amendment to TCA policy

9.7         Alta Lis Subscription

9.8         Longview Music and Arts Festival Request

9.9         Longview Bible Fellowship Request

9.10       Hall Cleaning RFD

9.11       RFD Little New York Daze Funding Request

9.12       Seniors Housing Request for consideration from I. McCorquindale

9.13       Proposed Capital Budget for 2016

10.0       Bylaws

None this month

11.0       General Correspondence

None this month

12.0       In Camera – None anticipated this month

Section 197(2) of the Municipal Government Act specifies that a council may close all or part of a meeting to the public if a matter to be discussed is within one of the exceptions to disclosure in Division 2 of Part 1 of FOIPP. The exceptions include matters where disclosures could be harmful to personal privacy, individual or public safety, law enforcement, intergovernmental relations, or economic or other interests. No bylaw or resolution can be passed at an in-camera meeting except a resolution to revert to the council meeting in public or to recess.

13.0       Adjournment

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January 28, 2015




The Seniors Club will meet at 6:30 PM Monday evenings and Wednesday at 1:30 at the Community Hall for Games.

AXIA  Fibre Optic Internet – If you would like to sign up or have an interest in Fibre Optic internet, please go to and fill out the information to show your interest in getting fast internet into Longview.  By signing it does NOT mean you are committed but that you are interested.

June 8th Strawberry Tea at the community hall.  All welcome  More info to come






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December 3, 2014

Council Meetings

councilPlease check out our new Council category to see up to date Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes and Important Village of Longview Bylaws.


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October 21, 2014

Village of Longview Clothing

clothingHoodies, T-shirts and caps are still available at the information booth as well as at the Village Office. Great Souvenir of Longviews 50th Anniversary and a wonderful idea for Christmas or birthdays. Prices after September 1, 2014 will be $25.00 for a hoodie or golf shirt. $10.00 for hats and t-shirts so drop in and pick up yours before they are gone!  Sizes are very limited!

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