Village of Longview

2020 Light Up Schedule

The installation work bee for Light-Up 2020 will start on October 17 the Saturday after Thanksgiving and continue for a week or more. Start is at 9 am, anyone interested in helping please bring ladders (extension and step, wire cutters for  cutting pull ties, construction stapler for stapling lights to trees or posts and a cheerful attitude. Let us know if you are going to help on the Saturday or Sunday so we can plan a possible lunch and beverages for the workers. Contact: Jan Dyck, Dale Harrison, or Walter Fox. Light Up Night will be Friday, Dec 4, with lights on approx 5:30 p.m.

Light Repair Person – Before hand we need some people to repair broken light strings, re-light some displays, deer, rope light displays. We have light string testers but some bulbs may need to be soldered in and heat shrink tubed. 

Light Sequence Programmer – We need one or two people to learn how to program light sequencers. These people should enjoy tinkering on a computer and have some sense of music because it is basically choreographing the dancing lights. 

Manlift Operators – For installation we need a couple of people who have experience and safety courses on operating manlifts.

Donations – We will need more extension cords of various sizes over 15 feet up to 100 feet. We can always use money to purchase insurance, equipment rentals, more lights, pull ties, tape, extension cords, timers, small sequencers. Anyone interested in contributing donations can be dropped at the Village Office, cheques payable to Village of Longview, dedicated to Light Up Longview.