Village of Longview

Proposed Bylaws

Village of Longview Council

Proposed Bylaws Under Consideration

Cannabis Map – Retail Sales

This map shows the 100 meter setbacks outlined by the Provincial Guidelines for retail Cannabis sales being restricted from schools, health care facilities, playgrounds, public buildings, skating rinks, liquor stores, etc.

Bylaw 400-17 Land Use Bylaw – Passed June 19th, 2018.

Bylaw 403-17 Animal Control Bylaw – Updated Bylaw for review, added Beekeeping

Bylaw 405-17 Community Standards – This is an amendment that includes the maintenance of trees, shrubs, and hedges in relationship to roads, lanes, and sidewalks, Cannabis consumption guidelines, burn barrels

Both of these bylaws have received 1st reading in Council. Any suggested changes to either Bylaw should be sent in writing to to be presented at the next Council meeting for consideration prior to second reading. After third reading the Bylaw is established.