Village of Longview

Proposed Bylaws

Village of Longview Council

Proposed Bylaws Under Consideration

Bylaw 400-17 Land Use Bylaw – This is to incorporate current definitions, and past amendments to bring the LUB up-to-date. It is common practice to review the LUB every 5 to 10 years dependent on changes in Land Use practices.

Bylaw 403-17 Animal Control Bylaw – Updated Bylaw for review, added Beekeeping

Both of these bylaws have received 1st reading in Council. Any suggested changes to either Bylaw should be sent in writing to to be presented at the next Council meeting for consideration prior to second reading. After third reading the Bylaw is established.

Bylaw 404-17 Water Use & Conservation – Alberta Environment has a cap of 150 m3 daily production from our water plant without the investment of $1.4 million. Our average daily consumption runs around 100 m3 except during the summer with the watering of lawns. This Bylaw establishes several levels of water restrictions and consequence for violation of the restrictions.

Bylaw 405-17 Community Standards – This is an amendment that includes the maintenance of trees, shrubs, and hedges in relationship to roads, lanes, and sidewalks.