Village of Longview

Village Action Plan for Covid-19 Virus

With the increasing concern about the spread of COVID-19, we wanted to update you with some of the steps the Village of Longview will be taking, effective immediately, to ensure the health and safety of our employees and residents.

All employees are being instructed to wash their hands regularly and avoiding touching their faces. We are asking to minimize unnecessary contact (such as handshakes) until the threat of COVID-19 is substantially reduced. The Village is also asking any employees who are feeling unwell to stay home so other employees and residents are not impacted.

The Village will also be taking several other additional precautions in order to best address the concerns raised by COVID-19. Our facility is increasing the frequency in which cleaning and sanitizing is done, the front counter, the railings and door handles in the entrance and up the stairs will be wiped down with disinfectant 3 times per day. There is hand sanitizer on the front counter. We are looking for wall sanitizers for near the doors but suppliers are out of inventory. The Village has closed the use of the Community Hall until further notice. Our Water Treatment Plant operators are following the new safety protocols setout by Alberta Environment. Our PW person will use gloves, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes while collecting and handling garbage bags.

We are encouraging residents to limit their attendance at the office. Utility bill and tax payments can be process in 3 ways to limit personal contact.

1)  E-transfer – payments can be made from your bank sent to (no password required).

2) Cheques can be dropped through the mail slot in the office door

3) Credit or debit cards – call the office and provide the staff with numbers and the payment will be processed (Note: the Village will not retain credit or debit card information beyond the initial payment)

Any other inquiries you can either emailed or phone the office (403) 558-3922 and we will attempt to help you with your inquiry. You may need to scan and send documents to the office. You can use either or for questions.