Village of Longview

Winter Wonderland

Light Up Longview

An initiative of the Light-up Longview Committee. The goal is to hang Christmas lights on all municipal properties and many trees located along Morrison Road to create a bright and positive image of Longview for those travelling through the area between November 30 and the middle of February.


The Committee is looking for donations of Christmas Lights, extension cords, large outside decorations or cash to purchase the above. They can be dropped in the box in front of the community hall.



Get involved with an adopt the adopt-a-tree program. You can choose to decorate a tree and pay for the electricity or just pay for the electricity. The cost of a large tree with 150-250 feet of lights will run between $6 and $10 total for the three months the trees are lite.

The committee is looking for people to assist in hanging the lights, inspecting, repairing and replacing bulbs if needed.

For more information contact the Village Office

Thank you to 2017-18 supporters and contributors
Longview Beef Jerky   Ms Williston
Longview Leather   Lynda & Vern Winfield
Calgary Lions Club   Mary Andrews
1522762 Alberta Ltd – (Longview Leather)   Jan & Reinhard Dyck
Crescent Point   Florence Hummel
Longview Esso   Haywire Cafe
Longview Fas Gas   Keri & Gaile Gallup
MPE Engineering   Sheila Sander
Husky Energy