Surrounding Area

Driving west from Longview you will enter Kananaskis Country and catch some breathtaking views. Wildlife can be seen along the highway as you make your way into the mountains;  sheep, elk, moose, deer, bear (both grizzlies and black), as well as coyotes, wolves and many more animals are just some of what you might see along your scenic drive.

Although the main road, Highway 40, is closed from November 30 to June 15 due to snow pack, you can still venture as far as Highwood House to enjoy a day of snowshoeing, hiking or skidooing in the winter, as well as camping, fishing. No matter what the season, the opportunity is there for some great photography! From June to November a trip through the Highwood Pass is something that can’t be missed.

East of Longview, the plains and prairies stretch from the rolling hills as far as the eye can see, with large ranches taking up the horizon. Golden wheat fields and blue skies give one a sense of just how beautiful and varied our great country is.

Follow Highway 22 to the north and you will find many more small towns all proud of their western heritage and I’m sure you can easily find someone in any of the villages or towns willing to share their knowledge of what to do for a day.

South on Highway 22 you will find more ranch lands and rolling hills just east of the Rockies. South of Longview you will find the BAR U, working cowboys, stock and the ways of the wild west preserved by and for those interested in the heritage of southern Alberta. At Highway 3 you will find the Crowsnest Pass. This can be a great day drive where you will discover the history of Frank Slide, take a relaxing walk around Chinook Lake, or spend the day in the southeastern part of Alberta wandering the beautiful areas such as Red Rock Canyon or Cameron Lake at Waterton Park. Day trips are a great way to take in the scenery as well as discover first hand the knowledge of the area and if your lucky enough to run into some real cowboys at work they will more than likely be very happy to explain the life or ranchers in Alberta.